The New Standard in

Comprehensive  Eye Care
Bakersfield Eye Institute - EyeCare Services

Our state-of-the-art clinic and on-site surgery center are equipped with the latest diagnostic and examination equipment.  We are focused on providing our patients with the most comprehensive and advanced eye care.


Our Services Include:

·        Comprehensive Eye Exams

·        Cataract Surgery

·        Diabetic eye care

·        Glaucoma testing and treatment

·        Flashes and Floaters


·        Cornea transplants

·        Advanced corneal surgeries

·        Pterygium surgery

·        Eye lid surgery (blepharoplasty)

On-Site Outpatient Surgery Center

Complete optometric services always available

Most Insurance Accepted



David B. Hair, MD  is Board Certified Ophthalmologist and an AUPO FCC fellowship trained surgeon in cornea, refractive, and external disease and has special interest in the following areas:

·        Keratoconus

·        Fuchs’ Dystrophy

·        Traditional corneal transplants and Endothelial transplants